10th Anniversary Gifts

The tenth anniversary is the tin anniversary and the most common traditional gifts for this anniversary are cookware gifts such as baking trays and similar. It is also possible to buy tin jewellery in order to celebrate this special anniversary and there are many shops online which will sell it for a decent price. Cookware is, however, more practical and may be more useful to a young couple who are still setting themselves up in marriage. It would all depend on the couple in question and what the circumstances of their lives are. Tin statuettes are also fairly common and quite easy to get a hold of and can make a lovely anniversary gift.

Tin is often considered quite an economical metal and is thus symbolic of making economies in order to make a household work at the beginning. It also takes part of its meaning from the fact that is more often used when allied with copper in order to make bronze. The fact that these two are stronger together than alone makes tin symbolic of the mutual interdependence of marriage. Traditionally it is associated with the masculine energies of the planet Jupiter and with the breath of life.

In the United States, however, some people may choose to celebrate this anniversary by giving a gift made of the more common material aluminium. This is quite a similar lightweight, silvery metal that is used to make a wide variety of products.

The flower most commonly associated with the tenth anniversary is the daffodil which is always yellow or white. Daffodils have many interesting symbolic associations and their latin name is Narcissus as they are named after the figure from Greek mythology who was so in love with his own reflection that he turned into a flower. The daffodil, then, is the the most self-consciously beautiful of all flowers, one that is obviously attractive and aware of it.

Daffodils also have connotations of new life as they hide in the ground as bulbs for much of the year, only blooming around spring time. In Germany they are therefore known as “easter clocks” as they only emerge at this time of the year and in Wales they associated with St David whose life and miracles are remembered at the beginning of spring. Either way they are in European cultures often associated with the spirit of spring and of the cyclical nature of life.

The colour traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary is silver, perhaps due to its similarity with the colour of tin. This means that if you are not interested in buying a gift containing or related to tin it is perfectly traditional to buy a gift in the colour of silver or grey as a substitute. Alternatively, the colour of blue is often chosen by preference and this can make for a completely different colour scheme. As ever, it is worth consulting with the couple and figuring out which colour they would prefer to be used for any presents/parties that may or may not be held.