11th Anniversary Gifts

The 11th wedding anniversary is known as the steel anniversary and as we move from the first ten years to the second it is clear that a marriage needs to remain as strong as steel. This also means that the gift can be expensive yet practical as is the case when people are bought stainless steel kitchenware or utilities. A good set of kitchen knives is a very valuable gift for a young couple. These are all highly useful things that may be important at around this time in a marriage when a couple's children will often be at the age when they are beginning to eat at table. Part of steel's symbolism comes from the fact that its strength is the result of it being an alloy, a mixture of two other metals. It is therefore important for a couple to remember on their eleventh anniversary that they are strongest when together. It is also well known for being resistant to rust, a good point to bear in mind as your marriage passes the ten year mark and heads towards the teens.

The flower most commonly associated with this anniversary is the tulip. Tulips have been given by lovers for many centuries and in ancient Persia to give a red tulip with a black centre was to refer to your heart being burnt like a coal with passion. To give a yellow tulip was to declare yourself hopelessly in love. In the Western language of flowers, tulips always signified something related to love with red and purple tulips both referring to endless love while white tulips referred to one sided love and yellow (again) to hopeless love.

The colour most associated with the 11th wedding anniversary is turquoise and it is possible to buy gifts in the colour turquoise if you do not wish to buy items that are made of steel. Particularly popular are commemorative anniversary candles in the colour of the anniversary. Also, for just about any item that you would like to buy the couple it is possible to make it more traditional by purchasing it in the colour linked to the anniversary, or in this case turquoise. Alternatively, if the couple or you do not like turquoise yellow is considered to be an alternate traditional colour for the eleventh anniversary.

Similar to the twelfth anniversary there is not much symbolic guidance when it comes to colour schemes for this anniversary and so the only guidance you can get will involve taking into account the preferences of the couple. Stainless steel, however, is a very symbolic and practical gift which falls in a natural place between the valueless and valuable metals that come in at later anniversaries. We are not quite yet at silver but we have moved beyond tin which was the tenth anniversary gift. The value of the anniversary gifts is increasing quite quickly at this stage and stainless steel is one of the most valuable of the ordinary metals given for anniversary celebrations.