13th Anniversary Gifts

The 13th wedding anniversary is known as the lace anniversary. Lace can be made out of many types of fabric (nowadays usually cotton but sometimes silk) and the distinguishing mark of lace is the patterned designs in it made by punching holes in the fabric. Lace can be given in a great number of different forms whether more or less practical. It is, for instance, possible to give table coveries or doylies in lace which are a practical yet presentable gift. Alternatively, the lace anniversary may be an opportunity for the right person to give a gift of lingerie, depending on the relationship.

The flower traditionally associated with this anniversary is the chrysanthemum. These are a highly versatile flower that come in a large number of shapes and colours enabling you to tailor your gift to the tastes of the couple. They are prized for their large flower heads which often make a big impact when given as part of a bouquet or on their own. They often come in whites, oranges or pinks. In much of Europe, the flower is associated with death and this associated persists in New Orleans with its French Cajun roots. It may therefore be inadvisable to give this flower to a couple who are from one of these areas. In the United States, however, it is generally seen as a cheerful flower.

In the language of flowers, red chrysanthemums traditionally meant “I love” whereas yellow chrysanthemums symbolised slighted love. Very few people pay much attention to the language of flowers today and so it is possible to give these flowers without saying something you didn't mean to. However, if you happen to know that one or more of the people in the couple is aware of the language of flowers then it may be advisable to take this into account.

The colours traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary are white and citrine. Citrine is a dark, bright yellow that is based on the gemstone of the same name. If you do not want to buy lace then this stone might be a pleasant option for a gift. Alternatively, you could purchase a gift in the colour of citrine in order to reference this tradition without spending a fortune. White is also a traditional colour associated with this anniversary which may be useful in creating a colour theme but perhaps not so useful in picking gifts as so many things are white.

However, white lace might be a good sort of gift to give and there are many things available in white lace which might make suitable presents. That could include bedding or curtains or other display items which can be made to a high quality and bought at the right sort of price. It is also possible to buy lace in citrine but this is not as common and perhaps not as well suited to the tastes of everyone. As ever, it is important to consult with the couple before purchasing any sort of gift.