14th Anniversary Gifts

The 14th wedding anniversary is known as the ivory anniversary and traditional gifts for this anniversary will generally incorporate that material. It is possible to purchase ivory in the form of jewellery, decorative statues or even furniture giving you plenty of gift options. When purchasing ivory, however, it is important to note that there is a big difference between antique ivory or ethically sourced ivory and unethically sourced ivory. If the couple in question are very ethical then they may be offended if you were to give them ivory and did not know the provenance of it so make sure that you do your research.

The symbolism of ivory is one of opulence but also purity and from the earliest of times ivory has been used in religious contexts to signify the purity of faith. In the context of a marriage, then, it may be taken to mean the purity of faithfulness. This is partly because of the colour of ivory, a creamy white which polishes up to a lustrous shine. As ivory is associated with an elephant (it is often taken from an elephant's tusks) it also has a connotation of remembering as many people know that “elephants never forget.”

If you do not want to buy ivory jewellery or artwork it is also possible to reference the tradition in other ways, including by purchasing an old ivory piano key. You can get these from eBay and they make a witty accompaniment to another present. Alternatively, it is possible to buy something ivory coloured or in the other colour traditionally associated with this anniversary, opal. The colour of opal is a lighter version of coral and would set off a creamy white nicely. These are excellent hints for designing decorations for a wedding anniversary celebration or for helping you to pick a wider variety of traditionally themed gifts than otherwise.

The flower traditionally associated with the 14th wedding anniversary is the very striking looking dahlia. It is the natural flower of Mexico and is often called the flower of the valley. In the Victorian language of flowers a gift of dahlias meant that you were attempting to ascribe elegance and dignity to the person to whom you were giving the flowers. This makes it a very resonant gift for an anniversary. The dahlia comes in many shapes, sizes and colours giving you plenty of flexibility in terms of making it match your colour scheme or the tastes of the couple.

Couples celebrating their 14th wedding anniversary will generally be in their early thirties and this will help dictate the form of the celebration. It is best to consult with them as to what celebration they would like but anniversaries for younger people tend to be livelier than those for older people. As with any anniversary it is all about the couple and it is important to ask them the kinds of gifts they might be willing to receive and the kinds of celebration that they might appreciate.