15th Anniversary Gifts

The 15th wedding anniversary is known as the crystal anniversary and crystal is the traditional gift given for this anniversary. Crystal is a type of glass also known as lead glass which has for centuries been used to carve elaborate, decorative objects for eating and drinking. In the twentieth century, however, people began to realise that crystal was linked to health issues in those who used it for food and drink and has since then been used largely for display. Particularly popular are large display bowls and goblets and these are good options for wedding anniversary gifts. It is also possible engrave crystal if you wish to create a personalised memento of the anniversary, possibly including the names of the couple or even something more original.

Like many other traditional anniversary gifts within a decade of this one, it is all about straddling the boundary between a practical gift and display. Gifts for the anniversaries before this were often exclusively practical whereas as we near the 20th anniversary the materials begin to increase in value and to become more about display than use.

The flower traditionally associated with the 15th wedding anniversary is the most romantic of all flowers, the rose. Most people don't need to be told about the highly romantic connotations of the rose as a flower and the association of it with this anniversary marks it out as a significant one in the history of your marriage. This anniversary is therefore all about celebrating romance. Roses and crystal together have even more strongly romantic connotations and work together particularly well as a colour scheme as can perhaps be illustrated with a line from a Billy Collins poem. “You are the bread and the knife, The crystal goblet and the wine”

In confirmation of the above, the traditional colour of this wedding anniversary is ruby red. This helps reaffirm that this anniversary is largely about celebrating passionate love and physical attraction. It comes at a time when a marriage is still relatively young although not entirely new. Couples celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary will generally be in their early thirties and may have only recently had children. This stage in a marriage is one where its romantic elements are particularly accentuated and it is no wonder that the anniversary celebrations typically celebrate that fact.

Celebrations for this anniversary can sometimes be quite lively although it is important to plan this with the permission of the couple. They will still be young and may want a proper celebration although one difficulty with arranging this may be arranging childcare. As with all anniversary celebrations it is important to plan it alongside the couple if it is going to be particularly large. Working with the colour scheme, red wine is a must at a 15th anniversary party and if you don't want to buy a crystal goblet you may want to buy a nice bottle of wine as a classy way to reference the tradition whilst also getting value for money.