16th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift given for the 16th anniversary is porcelain, which is not to be confused for the gift given on the 20th anniversary which is china. Porcelain has a looser definition and can come in a wider variety of colours so whereas the colour traditionally associated with the 20th anniversary is white the colours associated with the 16th anniversary are various: emerald green, red or silver are amongst the colours that are occasionally used.

The difference between the gifts given on the 16th and the 20th anniversary is salutary. The gift of fine china is a gift that is primarily about elegance and display pieces whereas the gift of porcelain is a practical gift. When giving porcelain on a 16th anniversary you should give the kind of thing that you would expect the couple to be able to use in their everday lives. As a result, full plate sets are often a great gift idea for this anniversary. Something that is attractive without being flashy is advisable on this occasion.

The traditional colours available for this anniversary leave you with plenty of options although it is perhaps worth bearing in mind that many of the other anniversaries have emerald green as a traditional colour for reasons that it is hard to verify. The colours of red and silver are so different that it is quite difficult to find a coherent symbolic reason for these, unlike the traditional colour for a lot of other wedding anniversaries. The positive side to this, however, is that it gives you carte blanche to pick whatever colour or theme you think the couple might appreciate for decorating on the day or the day of the celebration.

Furthermore, there is no flower associated with this wedding anniversary which gives you even more options for figuring out the décor for your celebration. You are free to figure out the aesthetic of this anniversary celebration without any tips from tradition but also without any expectations. If you purchase a book on the language of flowers it will be quite easy to create a table setting with a meaning that is important to you. This can be an anniversary that symbolises all sorts of things.

Couples celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary are generally in their 30's or early 40's and so an anniversary celebration may be quite a lively affair. It is perfectly acceptable for a 16th wedding anniversary to throw a large party in a way that it might not be for other, later anniversaries. The money you might not spend on what is a fairly inexpensive traditional gift you may want to put into drinks, decorations or outings. Before throwing a party, however, you may want to consult with the couple. Many couples at this age will have young children and this may dictate whether or not they will be available for a big event. For this anniversary there are so few traditions that you have free reign to make sure that the couple get exactly what they want.