20th Anniversary Gifts

The appropriate gift to give on the 20th wedding anniversary is china. This is very similar to the porcelain given on the 16th wedding anniversary although the two are not to be confused. China is specifically “fine china” or valuable examples of porcelain used for display. The gift given on the 16th anniversary is meant to be a practical gift whereas the gift given on the 20th is meant to be a luxury object of value. In terms of the traditional list of gifts we are building up to the 25th anniversary which is silver and which marks the tipping point after which all the gifts given are made of precious materials.

China is also specifically white (“bone china”) and as such one of the colours traditionally associated with this anniversary is white. As ever, white celebrates purity and faithfulness in love and it is a pleasant reminder on your 20th anniversary of your wedding day. The vows that you made and the attitude of love with which you entered your marriage are commemorated through the gifts of white china and the white colour scheme, reminding you of what marriage has been about since the beginning.

The alternative colour for this wedding anniversary is emerald green which has connotations less of nature and more opulence. Like fine china, the colour emerald green is all about display and presentability and this marriage helps mark a time in life when you are likely to have become far more established than you were at the beginning of your marriage. Instead of worrying about the fundamentals you are now freer to consider your place within society and the gifts given on this anniversary are a traditional way of encouraging you in this regard.

The flower associated with this anniversary is the aster whose name comes from the Latin word for “star.” These flowers are like large daisies and are, again, excellent show pieces which look lovely on a dinner table. They are also most commonly found in white which carries all of the above mentioned symbolism. They are also an incredbly hardy flower which carries the symbolism of resilience. In the language of flowers the aster traditionally symbolised elegance which, again, carries much of the same connotation as fine china. This anniversary is all about celebrating aesthetics in the form of the simple, elegant beauty of the aster and of understated white china.

Most couples celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary will be in their late thirties or forties and therefore approaching middle age. As pointed out above this anniversary is therefore part of a transition between different seasons in live and should be celebrated as part of both looking back and looking ahead. It is an anniversary that is all about celebrating elegance and aesthetics and in which you are encouraged to begin to think about the finer things in life without entirely abandoning the practical concerns of your youth. The anniversary that follows it is the pearl anniversary, and from here on the materials steadily begin to get more valuable.