25th Anniversary Gifts

The 25th wedding anniversary is known as the silver anniversary and this is perhaps because the 50th wedding anniversary is the gold anniversary. The silver anniversary, then, is meant to encourage the couple to look ahead. They have already achieved a great deal and are being rewarded with a precious metal but at the same time they are half way towards first place and need to press on towards the goal.

Silver has traditionally been used as a purifier, disinfecting water and food and being used to help heal burns and other skin complaints. The healing connotations of silver, like those of coral, show that this point in a marriage is when we often pause to reflect, regroup and reconfirm our vows. Any rifts that may have appeared need to be healed now before you can progress to full maturity in your marriage. Since the most ancient of times silver has been considered a symbol of this purity and to be strongly linked to the supernatural particularly for its ability to ward off evil.

Silver has also been associated with the moon for a great many years and as such is often considered to be the feminine complement to gold. It has been linked to feminine goddesses of the moon in a great many cultures. As such, it is quite possible that the 25th anniversary has traditionally been taken as a time for refocusing on giving thanks for the female half of a marriage whilst gold has provided the opportunity for the same to be done for the male element.

The colour traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary is also silver and tinsel is an easy way of making this clear in any attempt to decorate a room for a celebration. If you do not wish to buy any jewellery or other item incorporating the metal itself it is quite easy to buy the couple something silver-coloured without spending quite so much money.

The flower traditionally associated with this anniversary is the purple iris which will set off all of those silver decorations very nicely. The iris has a long symbolic history, especially in its stylised form as the fleur-de-lis. They have for centuries been associated with the Virgin Mary and as symbols of fidelity and dedication in love. They are often thought of, symbolically, as flowers of light and in this guise help to symbolise the subtle power of nature.

Couples celebrating their 25th year of marriage are generally in their 40s or early 50s or the period that we normally term middle age. The silver anniversary is therefore a tipping point out of all the anniversaries and the gifts given for major anniversaries after this point quickly increase in value whereas the gifts given before are far more run-of-the-mill. This makes the 25th anniversary an incredibly important time for reflecting on what has gone before and looking ahead. It is the point where a marriage becomes a long marriage and a good opportunity for celebrating this success.