2nd Anniversary Gifts

The gift traditionally associated with the 2nd wedding anniversary is cotton. The traditional gifts given for each anniversary increase in value as you go along getting as valuable as silver on the 25th wedding anniversary and gold on the 50th. However, it's still early days when you're celebrating your 2nd anniversary and so the material is of very little value in and of itself. Part of the symbolism, however, with these early gifts is that these materials gain value the more work is put in. If cotton is woven into a valuable garment then it gains far more value than when sold in its raw form. This is symbolic of the amount of work that needs to be put into relationships in their early stages of growth.

Cotton is also an incredibly practical gift to give in the early years of marriage as it allows you to give bedding, soft furnishings like curtains, or possibly even clothing depending on your relationship to the couple. It is usually best to give larger fabrics, however, rather than individual items of clothing as this makes it easier to give a gift to both members of the couple rather than just one or the other. If you are going to buy furnishings like curtains, however, it is best to consult with the couple first in order to determine their tastes and what might fit in with their existing décor.

The flower traditionally associated with the 2nd wedding anniversary is the beautiful lily of the valley. This flower is famous as a wedding flower and on an anniversary it is nice to be able to remember your wedding day. The symbolic connotations go deeper than that, however. In the Christian tradition the flower is sometimes known as Mary's tears because of the ancient legends describing these flowers growing out of the tears of the Virgin Mary at the crucifixion. In religious paintings they tend to symbolise humility. In many languages they have names related to springtime or the month of May due to the fact that these flowers bloom in spring. In the language of flowers they therefore symbolise the return of happiness and life. They are a particularly expensive type of flower and can therefore be associated with opulence.

The colour most traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary is the colour red and the reasons for this association have been lost to history. However, people are used to associating the colour red with love and there are a great number of love-related decorations in red due to the connection with valentines day.

Due to the association with cotton the other colour linked with this anniversary is linen white. This can be useful for table dressing if you are hoping to have a large party. It has to be said, however, that it is not common to plan a large gathering for a second anniversary as the couple have only been together very few years and it is not considered to be a large milestone.