35th Anniversary Gifts

The 35th wedding anniversary is commonly known as the coral anniversary and the traditional gift given on this anniversary is coral in the United Kingdom. In the United States coral is sometimes given but jade is also considered an option. Red coral, also known as precious coral, is often considered to be a gemstone but one of lower value than rubies or sapphires which are used to mark the 40th and 45th wedding anniversaries. The coral anniversary therefore marks (along with the 30th or pearl anniversary) the transition between more ordinary, practical materials used to commeorate the early anniversaries (like china and wood) and the highly valuable materials used to commemorate the rarer anniversaries.

The symbolism of coral itself also has a long history. The ancient Romans believed that coral could cure wounds made my poisonous snakes and protect children from harm. Perhaps, then, coral symbolises a way of acknowledging that many couples who have been married this long will now have children who are married themselves – a way of remembering that you must now trust your children to take care of themselves and let go of old worries over their safety and happiness. Considering that this period in a marriage involves a transition from practical concerns towards retirement and old age it may also be that this is a time for healing old wounds. The symbolism of coral could not be more appropriate to this.

Coral also has one other connotation however, and that is romantic. The ladies that the men of Shakespeare's day wrote of would often be described as having “coral lips.” Some couples may tend to focus less on romance at this stage in their marriage but coral is perhaps a gentle reminder that a strong marriage does not neglect the romantic, no matter how long you have been married.

Jade, on the other hand, has slightly different symbolic connotations. Jade is particularly associated with Chinese culture in which it is often thought of as a magical stone associated with the fortuitous presence of dragons. Historically, jade has also been thought of as having properties related to fertility.

There is no flower associated with the 35th wedding anniversary which leaves you freer than you might otherwise be to choose a flower to dress the tables in your celebration. If you are choosing to give coral and make coral the colour of the theme then it should be quite easy to find a colour that compliments this theme. If you choose jade the flower will, of course, be likely to be entirely different.

Coral can be bought as part of a great number of pieces of jewellery and when polished it does shine like a gemstone. It can also be carved into all sorts of sculptures and other art pieces and it is possible to buy it in this form either as an antique or modern creation. Jade is similar in this regard and it should not be difficult to find a gift incorporating at least a small amount of the material in question. It is also quite easy to buy the material in its raw form as a memento of the occasion.