3rd Anniversary Gifts

The gift traditionally associated with the third anniversary is leather and this can be a bit of a minefield for giving gifts. Most people nowadays do not wear leather clothing apart from when it comes to shoes so practically speaking you are limited either to decorative items or shoes or accessories involving leather. Like many of the materials that are used to commemorate the early anniversaries, leather is a material whose value comes almost entirely from the amount of work and craft that is put into it. As such, it is a perfect metaphor for the early years of marriage and for the amount of work that needs to be put in during these early days.

Amongst the leather accessories that can be bought as gifts there are wash bags, purses, wallets, handbags and notebooks amongst others. The drawback to most of these is that you can only give them to one partner or another rather than giving them to both partners together. If you would prefer to buy just one gift for both members of the couple then your options are really limited in terms of traditional leather gifts. It may be possible to buy a different gift with an accompanying piece of leather or leather antique such as an antique saddle or something that can be used for decoration rather than for practical purposes.

The flower most traditionally associated with this anniversary is the sunflower which is one of the world's most recognisable flowers. The symbolism of the sunflower is strongly linked to nature and health as well, of course, to the sun. It is also reminiscent of the fact that a sunflower follows the sun all day long, perhaps reminding us of the kind of undivided attention that our life partner deserves, especially during such an early period in the marriage. They are also often thought of as representing happiness and enjoyment which again is appropriate for the earliest years of a marriage.

Another aspect of the symbolism of the sunflower is that it grows very tall very quickly. The early years of a marriage are all about growth and the way that things change quite quickly. A sunflower symbolises this quite naturally and if you were to give it as a potted plant then this process would be visible to the couple – and that would be quite a sweet gift.

The colour most closely associated with this marriage anniversary is white, which symbolises youth and purity and recalls the wedding that happened just three years before. It is clear from this colour and flower symbolism that the third wedding anniversary is all about celebrating this stage in your lives and the youth of your marriage. An alternative colour associated with this wedding anniversary is jade green which is a colour associated with magic in Chinese culture and particularly with the presence of lucky dragons. Jade therefore accentuates the good fortune that couples early in their marriage will need in order to get ahead in life.