40th Anniversary Gifts

The 40th wedding anniversary is also known as the ruby wedding anniversary and it is the first anniversary to be celebrated with a precious stone. Given that the official gift for the 39th wedding anniversary is officially slaves the ruby wedding anniversary may be a welcome turn for the better when it comes to anniversary gifts. Rubies are made from the same mineral as sapphires except that they come out a bright red and this is why red is the colour most associated with this anniversary.

The symbolism of the ruby has a lot of history, especially in East Asian countries where they were often used as part of armour or buried underneath a building to ensure its good fortune. Furthermore, in the Biblical book of Isaiah it is used as a symbol of truth. In other contexts it has been interpreted as a symbol of courage and love.

Gifts that are either made of or contain rubies or even just gifts that are ruby red will therefore be suitable for this anniversary. Many rings and necklaces are set with ruby stones and, alternatively, many other types of ornament can come with rubies inset. Bottles of good red wine are another popular gift as well as red commemorative candles or stationery.

The flower associated with this wedding anniversary is the gladiolus. In the language of flowers the gladiolus symbolises sincerity, integrity, generosity and sometimes infatuation. The name of the flower comes from the latin word “gladius” meaning sword. The imagery of this name is that the flower looks as though it is in a sharp type of shape. When given between lovers the imagery is that of them piercing you to the heart. This is an incredibly romantic flower and one which, conveniently, works well within a red colour scheme if you get the most common pink and white version.

Couples celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary will generally be in their early 60s and at a time in their life when the sentiment behind the gift is likely to make more of a difference to them than the gift itself. Bearing this in mind it is more important that your gift is sincere than that it is expensive. Even though this anniversary is the first of the precious stone anniversaries it is not necessarily the case that most people will buy the stone itself.

For those who do not want to pay for an authentic ruby there are both synthetic and imitation rubies that it is possible to buy, either as set into jewellery or as individual jewels. These are far less expensive than authentic rubies but still help to commemorate the anniversary in the traditional way. Red garnets, spinels and red glass are often used as substitution rubies in different contexts and it is possible that this may well be the best option for you. These are usually enough to send the right message without meaning that have to spend a significant amount of cash to commemorate the event.