45th Anniversary Gifts

The 45th wedding anniversary is the sapphire anniversary and traditional gifts for celebrating this anniversary will incorporate blue sapphire. The blue sapphire is traditionally symbolic of wisdom and leadership which is appropriate to this wedding anniversary as it marks period in which a marriage is beginning to reach full maturity. As an example of this, sapphires are used in the crown of the Queen of England as they were traditionally thought of as signifying wise leadership.

The easiest way to give this gift is through jewellery and you can buy sapphires set in all sorts of precious metals whether gold, silver, or platinum. Unsurprisingly, the colour of this anniversary is sapphire blue and anniversary celebrations for the 45th wedding anniversary are generally themed in blue. If you can't afford to buy sapphires then there are many sapphire blue gifts that you can buy as a substitute. A fun drink to celebrate with might be the sapphire-blue Bombay Sapphire gin, for instance. Alternatively, just about anything that's a strong, deep blue would be suitable as a polite gift for a couple celebrating their 45th anniversary.

Another gemstone associated with this anniversary is alexandrite. Alexandrite is an interesting stone, generally more expensive than sapphire, and which changes colour depending on whether it is seen in daylight or artificial light. In daylight, alexandrite typically appears a light green whereas in artificial light it appears deep red. It is, however, more expensive than a sapphire although it may make a more interesting gift. Both gemstones can be bought either as individual stones or as set within jewellery.

Couples celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary are likely to be in their 60s or early 70s and this should be borne in mind as you are buying gifts and arranging a celebration. People's taste changes over the course of their lives and people at this age are likely to have more mature tastes than they did at the time of previous anniversaries. It is therefore essential that you take these tastes into account when you begin to think of celebrating this anniversary.

A popular option for celebrating the sapphire anniversary is to buy the couple a cruise. This is a significant anniversary and may be occurring very soon after the couple have retired. It is a milestone time in life when this is the case, perhaps even more so than the 50th anniversary, and it is worth bearing in mind that the couple may be going through a transitionary period at this point in their lives. This is also generally the time of life when people become grandparents and you may have to bear young children in mind when you plan the celebration.

There is no flower associated with the sapphire wedding anniversary which is both a positive and a negative as it leaves you more free to dress a table however you want. Greens and yellows tend to go well with a blue themed table dressing, reds also can do well meaning that the red roses of love are a potential option.