5th Anniversary Gifts

The fifth anniversary is the wood anniversary and traditionally gifts given to the celebrating couple were either made of or incorporated wood. There are a great number of lovely gifts made of wood that can be given on this first milestone anniversary. It is at around this time that many young couples will be moving into a home together or, if they have already moved in, they may well still be making themselves comfortable. Furnishings are therefore a popular gift to give on this anniversary and wooden furniture can be bought at a wide variety of price points. This is a highly practical gift that will remain in use for many years to come and if you can afford it is an excellent way to go.

Your budget, however, may be much smaller and there are many wooden gifts that you can give which are better suited to a small budget. A very popular option is small handcrafts such as the Welsh love spoon, a hand carved wooden spoon traditionally given to symbolise love between two young people. Alternatively, wood is an extremely versatile material and can be carved into a vast variety of shapes meaning that there are different types of artwork available to suit the tastes of the people that you are buying for. It is even possible to purchase jewellery made with different types of wood. Or types of antique that are not large pieces of furniture such as an antique writing desk. The possibilities are endless.

Moreover, you can choose many different types of wood to give different feels and convey different ideas. Oak is a symbol of sturdiness and is generally a lighter wood than mahogany. There is a wood to suit every taste and so wood is the kind of gift that it is easy to make unique to you. There are so many different varieties giving you the ability to make sure you wow the couple on this their first major milestone anniversary of marriage.

The flower most associated with this wedding anniversary is the humble daisy, a flower with plenty of symbolic resonances. The name daisy comes from the Anglo-Saxon “day's eye” which was a metaphor for the sun, which the centre of a daisy resembles. The daisy is therefore a symbol of the sources and maintainers of life. Many people associate daisy's and making daisy chains etc. with their childhood and so for many the daisy is reminiscent of childhood and innocence. It is perhaps significant that a symbol of childhood has made it this far into marriage but potentially, on the fifth wedding anniversary, the reason is because it is now time to leave childhood innocence behind.

The colour most commonly associated with the fifth wedding anniversary is sky blue, which is a lovely contrast to the yellow in daisies. The alternative colours for this wedding anniversary are purple and aquamarine which, although they still work, do not go quite as well as daisies if you plan to use them in any sort of display.