55th Anniversary Gifts

The 55th wedding anniversary is also known as the emerald anniversary and the traditional gift for this anniversary is the emerald, also known as beryl. Unsurprisingly, the colour for this wedding anniversary is emerald green which is useful knowledge for theming the decorations of an emerald anniversary theme party. In Roman times the emerald was the symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, and may have featured in decorations of temples of Venus. As such, the emerald is a symbol of pure love and is fitting as a way of commemorating a 55th anniversary. Marriages that last this long will have required plenty of love and the emerald is a way of remembering this fact.

When buying gifts for an emerald anniversary the easiest way to purchase the traditional gift would be to buy it as incorporated into jewellery. It is also possible to purchase individual emeralds online if the couple are not particularly fond of jewellery. However, there are many other decorative objects that can be bought and which use either the emerald stone or emerald green as a colour. As an example, a commemorative candle in green is a good way of referencing the traditional stone without spending a fortune.

It is also possible to buy a substitute emerald which is made artificially and which few who are not experts can tell from the real thing. Of course you will want to tell the couple in question that it is not a genuine emerald stone but the appearance of the stone remains the same. Artificial emerald jewellery is quite easy to find unlike some other gemstones such as alexandrite.

Another stone associated with this anniversary is alexandrite which is a variety of chrysoberyl that is also emerald green in ordinary daylight. However, one notable feature of this type of stone is that it changes colour to blood red in artificial light. This makes it a very interesting precious stone to give to people on their anniversary. Alexandrite is a stone which generally costs a similar amount to emerald and both are typically tied third place for the most expensive precious stones. It is also possible to buy alexandrite as part of jewellery or as a loose stone.

In Canada it is possible to receive a letter from the Governor General on this wedding anniversary, in Australia from the Governor and the United States from the President. It is not, however, possible to get a letter from the Queen if you are a United Kingdom or Commonwealth citizen. The first wedding anniversary for which this is possible occurs five years later on the 60th anniversary.

Couples who are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary will generally be in their 70s or early 80s and whether or not the celebration will be a large one will depend on the character of the couple. Many may not want a large celebration at this stage in their lives whereas others might well be up for it. As with most wedding anniversaries it will be best to plan the celebrations with the full collaboration of the couple who are celebrating.