60th Anniversary Gifts

The 60th wedding anniversary is known as the diamond wedding anniversary and the diamond is the traditional gift for this anniversary. In former times the 75th anniversary was known as the diamond anniversary until 1897 when Queen Victoria famously celebrated her 60th year on the British throne as a diamond anniversary.

Since then the 60th year of marriage has been celebrated with gifts of diamonds and it is hard to imagine a gift more fitting. In ancient greek, the word for diamond was “adamas” which meant hard and diamonds are well known for ranking amongst the hardest naturally occurring materials on earth. The symbolism of the diamond, then is to show that a couple who has been together for 60 years has proven themselves to be strong and resistant to all of life's pressures. When a couple is adamant that they want to stay together, they will, and the diamond symbolises the attitude that the couple has taken towards marriage over the years as much as anything else.

The easiest way to give a gift of diamonds is by buying jewellery. Rings, earrings and necklaces are all options that can be considered. It is also possible to buy cut diamonds on their own for those who may appreciate the commemorative gesture but who do not tend to wear jewellery. Other options may include statuettes or other decorative items which incorporate this material.

The colour of this wedding anniversary is diamond white and any dressings or decorations for a diamond wedding party would normally be in this colour. If you are hiring out a reception hall it should be possible to arrange table dressings in line with this theme. Alternatively, if you are unable to afford to buy a gift of diamonds then a gift based around this colour theme will usually be considered suitable.

It is also possible to buy various diamond substitutes such as cubic zirconia which are more cost effective ways of marking the occasion with the traditional gift. Most of these will come with a tag that tells the person that they are not receiving the more valuable material (so that you do not look as though you are attempting to fool them) but so that they will be able to appreciate the thought.

Couples celebrating their diamond anniversary will generally either be in their late seventies or eighties which can make it difficult to organise a suitable celebration. Many people of this age prefer to celebrate quietly and this may mean a meal together with close family for some whereas for others it might mean a large family gathering. They may also have health issues which can be taken into account and so it is important to consult with the couple when you are arranging a way to celebrate this anniversary.

On this wedding anniversary you will be able to request a letter from the Queen if you are living in the United Kingdom, the President in the United States or the Governor in Australia. For many people this will be the most significant anniversary in their life and certainly the most significant so far.