6th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gifts associated with the sixth wedding anniversary are different in the United Kingdom than in the United States. In the United States the gift traditionally associated with the sixth wedding anniversary is iron and in the United Kingdom it is sugar. The iron is symbolic of the feature for which it is perhaps best known, its strength. Couples entering their sixth year of marriage will need to stay strong as they pass the five year mark and begin to set habits that will hopefully last them for many years of marriage. They are now firmly established as a married couple and can congratulate themselves on gaining this level of strength.

Meanwhile, sugar is quite a different sort of gift and the two traditions are perhaps so opposite that it would be interesting to merge them. Sugar, obviously, celebrates sweetness which is a quality that most people think of as quite different than strength. Clearly, what the tradition has to tell us is that both qualities are necessary at this early stage in a marriage. Both sweetness and strength are necessary as you pass the early milestone of the fifth year of your marriage and begin to look ahead to building a future.

The traditional flower associated with this wedding anniversary is the calla, also known as the calla lilly, which is a white flowered plant native to cool regions in the northern hemisphere. The plant is associated both with weddings and funerals as well as carrying connotations of rebirth and resurrection. The idea of associating it with an anniversary seems to be something to do with the idea of renewing vows or renewing a commitment. The flower has a distinctive trumpet shape which makes it stand out in a bouquet or as a centrepiece to a table. Its bright, white colour gives it connotations of purity and is reminiscent of the white on a wedding day.

It is unsurprising therefore that one of the colours most closely associated with this anniversary is white. However, the colour that is the most traditional for the sixth wedding anniversary is actually purple. Like many other colour associations the reasons for this are lost in the mists of time but it is clear that the flower and the colour would look good together as part of the same design theme. The yellow of the calla lily's anther and the purple would set each other off quite nicely if you were to throw an anniversary party and decorate with the two being used together.

Couples entering their 6th year of marriage are likely to be in their 20's and this should be borne in mind as you are buying gifts for the couple. Gifts of iron are likely to be artistic pieces such as sculptures although both iron and sugar do lend themselves to be given in raw form for symbolic value. You can buy a small iron bar quite cheaply or even some recycled iron machinery parts for a quirky gift.