70th Anniversary Gifts

The modern gift for a 70th wedding anniversary is platinum. This is the most valuable precious metal and so it is saved for the 70th wedding anniversary, the most significant anniversary any couple is ever likely to achieve. A couple celebrating the 70th wedding anniversary is likely to be in their 80s and so any celebration will have to take into account their health and what they will find enjoyable.

Suitable platinum gifts will mainly consist of jewellery but may also consist in statuettes. The most common types of platinum jewellery are rings, earrings and necklaces which will depend on the taste of the person you are buying for. Many women do not wear earrings and many men would not like to wear a necklace. For those who may not be interested in jewellery but who may still appreciate the symbolic value of platinum it may be possible to buy a platinum ingot. These are very expensive and, if bought at the right time, could be seen as a decent investment for the future. Research is critical when making this sort of expenditure.

Traditionally, however, the anniversary was considered a diamond anniversary. This was before the gifts changed early in the 20th century. As such it is acceptable to give diamond gifts for this anniversary if you feel that the couple may appreciate those more. Diamonds are, obviously, best given as part of jewellery but it is possible to buy a small bag of cut diamonds also. The most common types of jewellery for diamonds are the same as for platinum, namely rings, earrings and necklaces. Nowadays, however, diamonds are more commonly associated with a 60th anniversary and so you may risk buying them something very similar to what they received just ten years earlier so it may be worth checking.

Local press will often be interested in covering a 70th wedding anniversary as these only happen infrequently in most localities. If the couple in question would appreciate being featured in the local paper then this is a good opportunity to make it happen. They will normally be asked to take a photograph for these purposes and so make sure that they are likely to be happy with this sort of thing.

Citizens of the United Kingdom will be entitled to a letter from the Queen to commemorate this wedding anniversary and even if they have already received one in the past it seems worth it to have the number 70 down on paper. Only a small percentage of people achieve a 70th wedding anniversary and it makes a lovely form of decoration to frame this letter and put it on a wall or a coffee table. In the United States the same will apply to the President and in Australia to the governor.

For many people the 70th anniversary will be the most significant of their lives and so it is worth spending some time planning how your family hopes to recognise and celebrate the occasion. It is important to involve the couple themselves in this planning so that you can be sure it is a happy day for all concerned.