75th Anniversary Gifts

The 75th wedding anniversary is known as the Diamond and Gold anniversary making it the anniversary with the most expensive gifts of any of them. This is the age at which you will have already used up most of the better known precious stones and metals meaning that the only option is for the family to give you more than one!

This is perhaps for good reason as the 75th wedding anniversary is the largest wedding anniversary that will be attainable for any percentage of the population. People celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary are likely to be in their 90s which makes it plausible that a number of people in the country celebrate this anniversary every year.

This does mean, however, that large parties in their honour will depend on whether or not the couple are able to cope with this amount of stress. Many people in their 90s have health issues which make them far more comfortable spending time together quietly and this will need to be taken into account when you plan a celebration. Make sure that you plan everything with the couple's consent and participation as surprise parties are not suitable for this type of wedding anniversary.

The colour associated with this wedding anniversary is diamond white, linked to the traditional gifts of diamond and gold. Gift recommendations were first made for this anniversary in the famous manual of social etiquette, Emily Post's “Blue Book of Social Usage” and it has been a formally acknowledged tradition for nearly a hundred years. Suitable gifts may include various types of jewellery but this will depend on the individuals in question. Many elderly people struggle to wear rings as their fingers are slightly larger than they used to be and their skin more sensitive. A necklace or other accessory may therefore be more appropriate. You may also consider re-engraving their wedding rings to mark the occasion.

Wedding anniversaries of this level of significance are likely to be of interest to the local press and so it is worth consulting with the couple as to whether they would enjoy seeing themselves in the local paper. An added benefit of this is that it may help them regain contact with old friends from long ago. If you are located in the UK the couple will also be entitled to a letter from the Queen and maybe from the local mayor, MP or other dignitary. In the US the same goes for the president and in Australia for the Governor.

However you celebrate it is important to mark this occasion as for many people it will be the most significant anniversary of their lives. Gifts are definitely in order even if the couple choose to celebrate in a low key sort of way. The best way to celebrate will be to figure out what they would like the most and to give it to them. This way you are likely to create genuine happiness that you will be able to remember for many years to come.