7th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gifts given on the seventh anniversary are wool and copper, two very different types of gift enabling you to give a wide variety of traditional gifts to celebrate a seventh anniversary. Later anniversaries commemorated with metals are celebrated with tin and bronze with bronze being an alloy of tin and copper. Being as copper becomes stronger when it is mixed with tin to become bronze, copper can act as a symbol of how two complementary elements can become stronger when together. This is a very resonant symbol of how marriage works used for quite an early anniversary. Another quality of copper is the same for bronze: it changes dramatically over time, oxidising to a bright blue green. Unlike bronze, however, it changes far more quickly and perhaps is a symbol of the great changes that will occur in your lifestyle at this early stage in your marriage.

It is possible to buy and give gifts of copper in many different forms including jewellery, art and engravings. Copper engravings can come with almost any message or design and so are a highly customisable anniversary gift that allows you to reference the tradition whilst conveying any message that you want. Copper jewellery is also quite a stylish way of giving a copper based gift and you can buy earrings, necklaces and bangles many of which reference Roman themes.

Wool is the other traditional gift linked to this anniversary and it provides an excellent opportunity to buy clothing, in particular, such as knitwear. Woollen jumpers and other clothing items can be a suitable gift but perhaps a more suitable gift would be a nice woollen blanket or throw. That would be the sort of thing that generally takes up an important place in the home which can last for years and years. This is perhaps the classiest type of gift that you can give for this wedding anniversary and can be bought from a wide variety of outlets. It's possible to grade this sort of gift from high quality to cheap without sacrificing a huge amount of quality. At the high end, a woollen blanket can constitute a piece of craftsmanship and genuine cultural heritage.

The flower traditionally linked to this wedding anniversary is the freesia, one which has not been well known in Europe for a very long time. They are a striking, large and yellow flower native to eastern Africa. As a result of their history they do not have a signification within the traditional European language of flowers or within the history of European artistic and cultural associations. However, the flowers are clearly quite a flamboyant shape with six large, bright-coloured petals and will look good on a table or within a bouquet containing other flowers which may well contain significance within the language of flowers.

The colour traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary which is a shade of black based on the stone of the same name. Alternatively, the colours of the freesia flower are often used as colours associated with this wedding anniversary, those being yellow or off white.