85th Anniversary Gifts

The 85th wedding anniversary is known as the anniversary of Diamonds and Sapphires. As you may know, sapphire on its own is the 45th anniversary and diamond is the 60th. After a marriage this long, you will have used up all of the major precious stones so you now get two at a time! 85 years of marriage will generally mean that the couple are both over a hundred years old and so lively parties are uncommon for this anniversary. A big family get-together, though, is in order and a big venue is likely to be needed. This might be an outdoor barbecue, a church, or a wedding reception type venue.

Wine is a traditional gift for this anniversary. The reason for this tradition has become lost in the mists of time and most traditional wedding gift lists do not list anything for the 85th. Due to the advent of modern medicine people are living longer and so some marriages are lasting longer too. This has meant that in recent history new gifts have been invented for wedding anniversaries above the 75th. For some reason, wine has emerged as the main gift for this wedding anniversary.

Perhaps the reason is that after 85 years both partners deserve to let their hair down. This anniversary is so rare that it deserves a toast, both to the long lives and devotion of both partners. People over the age of 100 are not typically big drinkers so perhaps it will be worth buying a very expensive bottle of wine for them to share with their closest family and friends.

If you are aware of a family who has celebrated an 85th wedding anniversary we would like to hear from you. What did you do to mark this special occasion? One thing that some people may do to celebrate this occasion would be to invite local dignitaries and journalists from the local paper along. Stories like this don't come along every day and you are likely to get a write up in print for an anniversary this important. You may even be able to get the interest of the national press, so rare is this achievement.

Certainly, you would be remiss not to organise a suitable celebration for an anniversary this significant. It is important, however, to make sure that you take into account the needs of the elderly couple. Many will not appreciate a party that is too hectic and so it is important to consult with them when planing and before going ahead with anything. Make sure you are sensitive to the needs of the people whose anniversary you are celebrating and it is sure to be a very significant event in both your lives and theirs.

You will also be unsurprised to hear that if you are in the UK or Commonwealth you are entitled to a letter from the Queen for an anniversary of this significance. In the US you are entitled to a letter from the president and in Australia from the Governor.