8th Anniversary Gifts

The 8th anniversary is known as the bronze anniversary and traditional gifts given on this anniversary would either be made of or incorporate some of that material. Bronze is a metal with a large number of symbolic connotations. It is an alloy whose invention changed the history of human culture by mixing two other metals and as such it is a symbol of how two complementary partners can be stronger together.

Bronze is also well known for its use in medals, coming after gold and silver in the traditional order of precedence. The bronze anniversary therefore reminds you to think ahead to the future of your marriage at the same time as celebrating how far you have already come. Bronze is well known for changing with age as it becomes a completely different colour when it rusts. The bronze anniversary will therefore also remind you that your marriage will change a great deal in the future and that it is best to prepare for those changes ahead of time.

In terms of buying bronze gifts there is a wide variety of bronze jewellery available for purchase including necklaces, earrings, broaches and more. It is also quite common to buy display items in bronze and bronze statues or statuettes are common and aesthetically pleasing gifts to be given on this anniversary.

The lilac is the flower traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary and it has a distinctive lilac colour. Its significance within the language of flowers is that the purple variety symbolise the early days of love or the first emotions of love whereas white lilacs celebrate memories of youthful innocence. These connotations help remind you of the past as you being to get closer to your tenth anniversary than your fifth.

If you do not wish to purchase a bronze gift for this anniversary then a bouquet of lilac flowers is a classy gift to give on the anniversary. Alternatively, any designs featuring the lilac flower could be suitable giving you plenty of opportunities to be imaginative with the gifts whilst continuing to reference tradition.

The traditional colour most closely associated with this anniversary, however, is tourmaline which is a kind of light purple which comes from the tourmaline gemstone. The reason why this is associated with the anniversary has been lost in the mists of time but it is a colour which nicely compliments the lilac of the anniversary's traditional flower.

Couples celebrating their 8th anniversary are likely to be in their 20's or early 30's and so can be expected to have the tastes of young people. At the same time, it is important never to second guess the tastes of a couple when you are buying gifts or organising celebrations. If you do not know the kind of thing a couple or your partner might like then it is more polite to ask than to assume. However, it is quite hard to go wrong with a bouquet of lilacs or a stylish piece of bronze jewellery.