9th Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift given for a ninth anniversary is pottery in the United States and the United Kingdom although in the United Kingdom willow is often given at the same time. Like many of the other gifts given on anniversaries before the tenth, pottery is not a material which in itself is of great value like gold, silver or gemstones. However, it is a material which becomes more valuable with work and the most valuable pottery is usually a rare example of high craftsmanship. The symbolism of these materials should be apparent – a marriage that is only nine years old still requires a lot of work and is only worth the work that has been put in.

Pottery provides an excellent opportunity to scale your gift to your budget, also. It is possible to spend almost whatever amount of money you like on a pottery based gift. It is also possible to make it either more decorative or more practical depending on your preference. Common practical pottery gifts include pots, jugs and bowls which can be painted or unpainted and may be custom made or mass produced. Less practical gifts may be pottery objects that are purely for display. It is also often possible to reference your heritage by buying traditional pottery from the culture that you are most closely tied to. Cultures with a particularly strong link to pottery include many of the middle eastern countries as well as Turkey and Greece.

In the UK, the traditional gift of willow for a ninth anniversary provides two opportunities. One of the more romantic but also one of the more expensive ideas would be to plant a willow tree in your garden. Alternatively, a cost effective way of buying a piece of furniture for the young couple may well be to buy wicker furniture such as wicker chairs which are made from the branches of the willow tree. Alternatively, charcoal is also made from willow which allows another set of options if either member of the couple in question is an artist.

For those who are religious, pottery has a strong connotation of God's control over our lives and if the couple are particularly Christian it may be a good idea to buy a Christian themed piece of pottery. Many of these pieces exist and are great gifts for those who are suited to them. There are a great many retailers who sell these pieces both online and in Christian book shops around the world.

The flower traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary is the bird of paradise flower which is an incredibly striking, multi-coloured flower. In the language of flowers, the bird of paradise symbolises liberty, magnificence and when given by a man to a woman faithfulness. They are incredibly colourful flowers with an exotic connotation. The mix of colours in this flower helped to prompt the two traditional colours linked to this anniversary, those of purple and green. Also, an alternative traditional colour is terracotta as inspired by the anniversary's link to pottery.