1st Anniversary Gifts

The traditional gift for a first anniversary is paper. Traditional anniversary gifts increase in value with every anniversary and so it is perhaps no surprise that the first anniversary is marked with an incredibly inexpensive gift. However, gifts given for the early anniversaries are also generally linked to the practical concerns that couples will be experiencing at this particular stage in their marriage.

Yet, giving paper on the first anniversary has nothing to do with practical concerns either. Obviously, one of the main points of giving paper is that it is highly economical during a period when many young couples will be incurring the financial demands of beginning a household together. On top of that though, the gift of paper is highly symbolic. This is because very few people will give paper without thinking to write on it and it's the sentiment of what is written that makes the gift what it is.

As the first anniversary gift between two partners and from their friends and family it makes a great point for the future – with this gift, it's the thought put into the writing that counts, just as it's the thought that counts with all future gifts. That said, it is also possible to give gifts of paper in other forms. Some people take the principle even further and give a scrap book. This takes a lot of work and depends on your ability to make an aesthetically pleasing scrap book which is not a skill that everyone has.

Another option is to give a book, whether directly relevant to the early years of marriage or simply the kind of book that you expect the one or other or both of the couple to enjoy reading. Books are a popular option for this anniversary as they make it possible to tailor your gift directly to the person receiving it. Alternatively, some couples choose to give practical gifts like calendars.

The flower traditionally associated with this wedding anniversary is the carnation. The traditional meaning of the carnation can vary widely according to the colour although in general a gift of carnations is thought of as expressing love and admiration. In ancient Greece the carnation was used as part of ceremonial crowns as they have always been cultivated for their impressive, ruffle-petalled flower heads. White carnations in particular recall the wedding ceremony and are symbolically linked to marriage and anniversaries.

The colour traditionally associated with the first wedding anniversary is gold or yellow which is interesting in and of itself. Gold as a gift is not given until the 50th anniversary but the colour of gold is used here on the first anniversary to symbolise that the end of a marriage is contained in its beginning and that the couple have a great deal to look forward to in their many years together. White carnations offset with gold ribbons are an excellent idea for a table setting linked to this wedding anniversary. White carnations are not your only option, however, and any colour carnation that suits your taste will be suitable.